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Student Testimonals

Professor Pierz has been one of the best instructors I've had at CUNY. She was always willing to help and always made herself available. Her
feedback was always prompt and extremely detailed.

Amanda is very supportive of students completing fieldwork - easily available to solve problems via office hours or email, and flexible in aligning
course expectations with preceptor expectations.


Professor Pierz is extremely kind and approachable, which makes you comfortable asking her questions. You can tell that she wants students to do well, which makes an impact on students' motivation to engage with the course and exceed.

Teaching Experience

Amanda is an Adjunct Lecturer at CUNY School of Public Health in the Departments of Community Health and Social Sciences & Health Policy and Management. She has provided ongoing non-teaching adjunct for the MPH students developing their Capstone proposals, and served and/or currently serves as the instructor of record for the following courses at the graduate level:

  • Health Equity, Communications and Advocacy (PUBH 611)

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods (PUBH 614)

  • Community Health Practice Collaborative I (CHSS 696)

  • Community Health Practice Collaborative II (CHSS 698)

  • Capstone Project (PUBH 698)


She has also served as a Teaching Assistant for Dr. Kathleen Cravero in Global Health Policy & Politics (HPAM 628) and Dr. Meghan Fitzgerald in the Capstone Project (PUBH 698).

Amanda has been an Adjunct Lecturer across three departments in two universities within the CUNY system, where she has instructed 42.5 credits at the graduate level and 9 credits at the undergraduate level. She has experience delivering lectures, office hours and additional study hours in synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid formats.

Amanda is an Adjunct Lecturer at York College of City University of New York (CUNY) in the Department of Health and Human Performance. She has served and/or currently serves as the instructor of record for the following courses at the undergraduate level:

  • Sex and Sexuality (HE 241)

Feedback from Faculty Observations

“The surprise of the night was how well the student-led Q&A session served to create more sharing and discussion among several students. I was pleased to see how well a shared atmosphere of learning was created. I don’t think that is easy to do in a hybrid class. I learned a lot from Amanda and the students."
Associate Professor with 14 years of teaching experience
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