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Project STRIVE – Scale for Trust and Intention to Vaccinate

Building upon findings from the Commonwealth Project, The New York Vaccine Literacy Campaign housed at CUNY SPH developed a diagnostic tool to measure degrees of trust in adult vaccination. Project STRIVE  has developed a Vaccine Trust Gauge (VTG) with the initial iteration informed by guidance from an expert advisory group. This research aims to build a tool to assess individual-level trust in vaccination and build a deep understanding of the behaviors and beliefs of individuals along the spectrum to best address, and perhaps prevent, their concerns.


Amanda's work has supported the qualitative research effort of this study by conducting nationwide interviews with unvaccinated and vaccinated people according to trust level to elicit further understanding of the quantitative survey results from the VTG. She additionally led a sub-analysis with health care providers to explore their strategies to tackling vaccine hesitancy during the COVID-19 pandemic and resources that providers need to ensure up-to-date evidence to inform clinical decision-making.

The following poster was presented at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in Boston, MA at the Identifying Strategies to Address COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy, Barriers, and Facilitators poster session organized by HCWG at 2:30pm and the Dealing with Vaccine Messaging, Promotion, and Hesitancy roundtable on Sunday, 6 November at 4:30pm.


A modified version of this poster was additionally presented at the Elsevier 16th Vaccine Congress Vaccine Congress in Lake Garda, Italy on September 25th 2022. 

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