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About Amanda J. Pierz, MSc

Hi all - thanks for stopping by! Amanda J. Pierz (she/her) is a social epidemiologist and global health researcher specializing in the use of qualitative and mixed methodologies to improve sexual and reproductive health issues. As a New Jersey native, Amanda really took to heart her alma mater Rutgers University's vision of “Jersey roots, global reach” approach to her research and educational experiences. She holds a MSc in Global Health from Maastricht University with a focus on global health governance, mobility and human rights through the conduct of her elective track at Thammasat University. She has had qualitative fieldwork experience during her undergraduate and graduate coursework in Uganda, India, Cameroon and the US. 


Amanda has 8+ years of experience in project management, research administration and research support, with a background in longitudinal cohort studies surrounding HIV and HPV co-infections in Central Africa and the Bronx. Her research interests include HIV/HPV co-infections; sexuality, stigma & violence; data systems strengthening and qualitative research capacity building.

Currently, Amanda is a fourth year PhD candidate at City University of New York (CUNY) School of Public Health & Health Policy (SPH). She serves as a consultant for the To Zero Initiative, an Oak Foundation project centered on the collective visioning of actors working to end sexual violence against children within a generation. Her dissertation is similarly focused on the role of political prioritization in ending childhood sexual violence. She was also awarded with a Graduate Research Fellowship endowed by CIRGH. 

Additionally, Amanda has held appointments for 2+ years as a Adjunct Faculty member at CUNY SPH and York College. She has instructed 43.5 credits at the graduate level and 9 credits at the undergraduate level since 2022. Her teaching portfolio includes coursework in qualitative research methods, public health fieldwork, technical writing and sexuality topics.

Amanda can generally be found in the airport lounge waiting to catch her next flight, slurping noodles in Manhattan Chinatown or taking care of her cats and houseplants with her partner. Whether you are looking for a research collaborator or a friend to explore the Lower East Side art gallery scene, do not hesitate to reach out via email and/or follow her on social media.

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